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  1. RaamBaan1
  2. What is an unnatural end or a cancerous termination?

Ans.  When we are remembering the lord, we usually converge to a single direction.  We concentrate.  We see something which is in everybody.  One which can not be seen with normal eyes.  which is there in all but only few get enough time to understand.  We converge and see one inner voice which is not easily heard but experienced and with time matures.  This with Geeta and Karm yog, we enjoy and improve ourselves, to be with the all pervading, ever existing and eternal one.  Thus we may say we become invisible to the people who don’t see the all pervading.   Thus we have a body and all senses but are viewer of the creation. Here we move around without much support of the body. We leave our body at wish.

Similarly when we do such things as which are not accepted as healthy conduct, line smoking etc., since this is actually moving free off the bondage of the invisible common public conductor.  This feels good as if moving free, but we bind ourselves with cig. or such external bond.  Now body can’t leave this world with this binding, man becomes slave of the external binding, tries to be with unnatural groups, and has to come to an unnatural end. A habit should be such that it can stay within us till end. like consuming and leaving where it belongs.
Think there is just one body in the world. It discards the old and prepares for the new, but if old is not discarded naturally, it gives pain and body may forcefully discard it, like removing with a knife. We when are dependent, we don’t know the simple way out, we take orders, we have to slowly move away from unreasonable dependence and be free and with the spirit or eternal. Thus we must move with the common conductor or the inner Guru and separate out less painfully.

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