When I started my voyage with Krsn, I was very shaky. I went through lots of training all given by lord Krsn himself, initially very tough, and it is a continual process. There is no end or no looking back to the progress or training. One can see so many different facets of life that there is never stopping, and there is always a new look in the life. I have more than a lifetime experience and in the beginning I could not concentrate on anything, I was unstable.  I felt lost so many times.  I had very small memory at that time.  Now it is improving at the age of 57, although this is just a number, there can’t be an age in real.

In the earlier days I reached so many places like ISCKON, GURUDWARE, TEMPLES, NASIK AND HARIDWAR and what not. I chanted all names, some very new never known. I continued and zeroed down on krsn, I felt there is some meaning to this chanting. Now energies are regaining and I am a lord’s child or a ever-growing child again.

Now I feel I have the boundaries, while real I in me am all around and without any confines, though I had number of flights with krsn, but they all seem virtual. Krsn never loses hopes. Deaths and Births are just some play things or very small phenomenon. He ever grows on every branch.  There is a story in veda’s where ‘I always used to look at and appreciate a white bird on the topmost branch, then all of a sudden I found there was no such bird, It was me all the time’ , Well there is always losing something and gaining something in our natural or normal life.  But satisfaction and positivity or continued arousal or knowledge is something better.

From the start of this world, there always has been duality in this world. This is quite natural. At the same time, this duality can be made as meagre as possible, to have good relations with all or to avoid tussle in us as taught by Lord Krsn.

Here one must learn that little knowledge can spoil our life. One must understand what one is doing? Or what he wants to do? Or where he wants to go? Since mankind has made many schools to entrap those wandering to extract as much as they can from these rickety nomads, I can’t guarantee that you will remain there to enjoy any life, which in fact is already spilling or is already aimless.

Let us assume that Shri Ram started this world. Thus Ram was the king to all known mankind. There was a known King Ravan on the opposite side. Most disliked his nature, as it pressed weak and feeble.

There is another process of transition in the Ravan parts. Some laugh at it. Some call it life. Some love it to survive and many grow to some extent to be killed by Shri Ram. This is known mostly in the Ravan part. This is mostly the physical part. Ladies are more susceptible to it.   They may become agents of the powerful.  Gents may lose their true values. Here rebirths and ill births are prominent.


A SwamiJi went to a foreign country with his friend, He spoke great things about religion, duties and faith and all that. When he came back to his room,  a rock beauty lady, looking just like white marble was lying exposed on his bed. He immediately bowed to her and said “Oh! Mother, I missed you for a very long time”. Lady immediately ran out of the room. SwamiJi became very famous and is still loved by many. While his friend who wandered in his path, is still missing.

Let us assume that Newton’s third law is well known and is true.

Now let us suppose, another SwamiJi is travelling through a dark and dense jungle. He finds a man ready to kill him. The man wanted all the possessions SwamiJi ever had. SwamiJi had nothing of importance for the man. This was the reason that SwamiJi was not afraid of the man. SwamiJi had the courage enough to forego his body also*.  Now Newton’s Law played a role, the man had no strength to forego his body.  He bowed and asked SwamiJi that ‘all mankind was afraid of him, nobody ever dared to fight him in this jungle, how come SwamiJi was not having any fear of him?  SwamiJi said ‘I have my own eyes, whereas you are dependent on your family.  You want to make your family happy.  I don’t have a family of my own; *the whole world is my family’.  Now according to Newton’s third law, you have limited powers compared to SwamiJi.  ‘While’, SwamiJi continued ‘my family is truly dependant on me, on the other hand, I have a doubt that yours’ family is not with you.  Just check it?’.  The Man checked and found that his family was very shaky about his stature.  The man came back and bowed to SwamyJi and followed SwamiJi’s path of true unshakeable balance.

You must know that these SwamiJi’s normally don’t have any hidden agenda. They are all exposed. Newtons’s law holds here, thus, all others are equally exposed to these so called SwamiJi’s.  These SwamiJi’s carry high values and have a predetermined direction. And remember that the First SwamiJi must have seen the vegetative mental status of that beautiful lady, she was not at all independent, and therefore one should have his own mind, and should not work for unethical satisfaction of public, which is already suffering from duality of mental behaviour.  One should never sacrifice one’s being just for a little price.

O My dear,

Stories are many,

Don’t stick,

Physically to any,

This just is a slick route,

To reach the canny,

In the Shri Ram path, well, one has to learn and get guided truthfully through krsn path to reach the ultimate, or grow to the supreme. There may be then just the supreme and no stopping to any of the parts, just following the magician of the world the lord and then reaching the formless all pervading supreme soul.

The wealthy likes to enjoy more than the poor. Most of us don’t like boundaries, or always try to become free from any or all limitations. From the start of any history many liked many wives, even women tried to have more than one husband, but could not suceed. It may not appear on surface but there are always hidden passions. Well, there is actually no question of having wife or wives, question is who will control the mind? Who will command?

Then there came Lord Krsn. Now he had many wives. He killed his enemy Kans in the beginning, who was just a relative and ever wanted to take his life. Here fact remained that Krsn taught such lessons, which tried to bring together our energies and many of his followers are alone and happy. They even had the powers to move the worlds. Well it is fact that we all want to enjoy more than anybody else, this may be hidden or apparent.

Some hide and enjoy till it permits, others till theirs powers last. Now what are these powers? A saint can control the flight of a bird. A knowledgeable person can tell the computer to run as he likes.  He even can block others from enjoying the computer.  Here age is not the boundary; here experience and knowledge are the roadblocks.  Nobody has enough time to run for saving a wife who out of her needs may start liking the new partner.  Also is there any guarantee that you will not do the same if your powers allow?

Now is the time to say which one you like and want to follow?  It is like entering a running establishment or enjoying with the existing.  All new names take time and energies to come to surface and many children die in this struggle.

Well in my opinion Lord Krsn has taught many lessons which are really helpful to live a happy life.

Date 03/04/2013 – Krsn from a different direction – Thought of the day.

Krsn has done always better for normal life on earth. He makes the life easy for all on this earth. Let’s suppose Krsn is not there. You know that Newton’s law holds good. Thus thinking that whatever I give is bound to come back, depending on the density may look big or small. So you try thinking what should I get in return? So your actions are always directed to get as many good returns as may be possible. So that you are always remembered by many. Oh! You die one day.  Now, Who is going to receive your returns? A big question!
So it was like a Swamiji who gave certain knowledge to the needy and then he was not there to receive any returns. Now think that SwamiJi is alive in you due to his thoughts moving you. He is in your thought process. Whose thoughts are they after all?
Therefore we may suggest that we are nothing but a collection of thoughts. Normally whosoever dominates our thoughts is the guide. He may be bad or good.  Well, similarly you get the returns living in those who continue to live and enjoy life after your death. You get distributed in many.  And everywhere your direction is you want to reach the greatest level where you were & where you could enjoy and live for ever.
We can thus say that Krsn has done so much in our lives, that he is still the enjoyer on this earth. So great a work that all god’s and lets say earth is following the greatest of all. He is the true guide and enjoyer in us.  This also shows what remains there for longer time.
This may cause a tussle in two. Why Krsn why not any other god? Answer to that is Krsn is not a simple name, it has some meaning. Like one who is nowhere and always struggles to come back and live, He has developed such a great taste of doing good for all that he is always there to find out what new can be done.

Immortal thought process.

O Krsn where are you?

Remember, when I started?

I don’t!

My mother gave me,

All I wanted,

She depended,

On her hubby,

he held us,

always there,

Then one day he left us,

Then I grew up,

She needed care,

I helped her little,

Then she was not there,

I loved the lady,

But she could not bear,

Without surviving load,

Equally shared,

I learnt from my

Family, teachers, there,

We have to survive,

Who will give me money I need here,

I studied, I worked,

Then it grew a little more,

We feel happy or otherwise,

Comparing others,

I met a lady,

She needed money,

She didn’t care,

The physical snare,

Then she wanted,

To earn some more,

Mental powers,

Could help her there,

Since money started,

Eating her,

You kill me,

I kill you,

No child could love,

Such lady there,

I read somewhere,

How Gandhiji started,

Finding meaning in geeta there,

I read geeta,

I reached many,

But I was ambitious,

So could not bear,

I started calling krsn there,

I went to jungle,

He came there,

I could talk to a bird,

on treetop there,

I told him you,

Are helpless,  out of scare,

I came back,

For living to share,

I found krsn,

He was there,

Slowly getting larger,

From start to here,

I felt saints are returning,

From jungle to share,

He was friend,

He was wife,

He was hero,

He was son,

He was daughter,


He is there,

He is medicine,

He is love,

He is god,

He is all,

But you must grow,

To live like krsn,

To be always there,

Life is simple,

Reciprocate mere,

Date 05/04/2013 – Todays thought

The humankind is very ambitious. It has two pronged directions. One is he wants to reach the topmost level; He wants to look at others from a different level, like a god. Secondly He wants to enjoy the life for more and more time, let’s say without break or forever.

So whenever he gets time, he thinks in that direction.  He strives to collect information, keeps it handy and then tries for a better position.  It seems he has reached this state in Bhagwad Geeta.  The directions in Geeta are written in such a way that it instates spark in your mind.  You learn in steps, and slowly understanding the true meaning kept there for years, reach higher state of mind.

This although he knows well that everything is ostentatious or momentary.  He rises above in levels, existing there.  He there enjoys till last pulse, examining every word to its ultimate length and end and reassuring self to utmost level.

In life I and you play equal and very significant roles.  I am nothing without you.  You turn nothing without me.  Sometimes we are bounded to follow some direction to help ourselves without any aspiration just to reach a better posture.


Here in Bhagwad Geeta important requirements are well defined to reach the never reached or better than that.  This can be called known to unknown in the clouds of nothing.  That is just to reach the unknown to known end on a silkier path, sum totalling to zero.

Now question is whether anybody should strive for such a longing.   Yes, in my opinion one should live a boundless blissful life.  One should not trouble self to unjustifiable dilemma.

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